example image Rules of behavior on

1. Upon arrival to the complex vacationer must have:
1.1 identification ;
1.2 contract with confirmation of prepaid services ( check)
1.3 replacement shoes ( for vacationers in the cottage or sauna )
1.4 medicaments for personal use
1.5 personal hygiene ;

2. Vacationer has the right:
2.1 Relaxing on the territory of the agreed contract time ;
2.2 build a fire in the grill only ;
2.3 enjoy the sauna ( for an extra charge according to the price list ;
2.4 contact the administration for help ( first aid, call an ambulance, fire department, law enforcement agencies , taxi) ;
2.5 exclusive use of background music without disturbing others vacationers;

3. For stays and staying on complex vacationer MUST :
3.1 respect the rest in the summerhouses from 9.00 to 22.00;
3.2 not exceed the number of tourists , specified in the contract ;
3.3 behave correctly with respect to staff and other leisure
3.4 comply with fire safety regulations ;
3.5 inform the administrator of the occurrence of any violations in the territory
3.6 to park in a special place ( in the parking lot , informing the administrator);
3.7 monitor the safety of their property ;
3.8 independently control the behavior brought with them minors , observe safety rules when the minor children on the playground , including skating on the swings, slides , etc.;
3.9 monitor the behavior of the invited guests ;
3.10 does not pollute and do not clutter up the forest zone and the lake ;
3.11 not use crude hearth ;
3.12 does not consume a large amount of alcoholic beverages ;
3.13 observe safety rules on the water and in the woods ;
3.14 if necessary, provide first aid ;

4. If staying in the houses resting PROHIBITED:
4.1 build a fire in a specially equipped places ;
4.2 use drugs ;
4.3 smoke inside the house;
4.4 behave disrespectfully towards staff and other leisure ;
4.5 violate these rules , the rules of fire safety, safety in the woods and on the water ;
4.6 movement within the complex by car ;
4.7 shoot of firearms and airguns;
4.8 make the street cottage property (furniture, equipment , towels , kitchen utensils );
4.9 use the " live music ";
4.10 enjoy karaoke ;
4.11 enjoy loud music ! '
4.12 to catch fish from the pond ;
4.13 not to destroy vegetation ;
4.14 bring animals

5. At the end of the contract vacationer MUST :
5.1 10-15 minutes before the end of the contract to contact the administrator and invite him to their place of rest;
5.2 administrator pass intact and in good order the property entrusted to him;
5.3 to pay a penalty if rules were violated residence or harmed property complex.
5.4 leave the place and stay in the territory of the hour specified in the contract.